Friday, June 21, 2013

Another great find!

 When we were buying our house the people selling it offered to sell us some of their larger furniture. I don't think they wanted the hassle of moving it. We payed $300 for their kitchen table and chairs and the matching hutch. Thing is I hate the table and don't really like the hutch either. We bought it because we needed something and didn't think we could find something that cheep. The sellers also left a queen sized four post bed (that Mr. Wonderful's mom took), a wooded chest (now found in Allie's room) and a chest of drawers 2 end tables that don't match (which are waiting to be painted)

The table isn't ugly- just not my style and in my opinion its WAY too busy. It has hand painted flowers and vines all over it. See

I like to decorate my table with runners and centerpieces, but I couldn't because of all designs. It was too much visually. I couldn't even put a simple bouquet in the center. This is the reason I HAD to get a new table first thing with our wedding money. You can see it here. Well, it just so happened that while garage sale-ing I found this for $50

Wonderful isn't it? It's so me. It's not an antique but it has that feel. It looks fabulous in the piano room. We used Mr. Wonderful's parent's van to transport it home. It hung out the back so my mom sat back there holding it to insure it didn't fall.

Now I have matching kitchen table and hutch for sale....wonder how much I can get for them?

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  1. The reason why the former owner of the house decided to sell you some of their things could be that they don't want the hassle of moving them all in their new house. That's pretty smart, actually. By the way, I see you've been collecting a lot of antique and classic-looking furniture for your new house. I like your style. Kudos!
    Calvin @ City Block Team