Friday, June 28, 2013

Dresser Turned TV stand

Me and Craigslist have a love-hate relationship. Sometimes I think craiglist it the most amazing place where you can find almost anything you need for dirt cheap (or sometimes free)- its like the ultimate garage sale and we all know how much I love garage sales. Other times I loathe how flaky, sneaky and down right rude people can be. Don't get me wrong, we've met some people who are so kind, but we've had other experiences that either leave me frustrated or wanting to cry. 

I'm currently trying to sell my old bed set on Craigslist. I was researching what other people are asking when I stumbled on this beauty-
A vintage 9 drawer mid-century dresser from the 1960's. Problem was they aware asking $140 (I'm completely broke and won't be getting paid until school starts again), and we didn't need a it...but I had fallen in love! I offered $90 with fast pickup and they countered $100. That's a lot of money to spend on something you don't really need. 

I knew I wanted to turn it into a TV stand. Our old TV stand worked perfectly fine. I hadn't even concidered getting a new one until I saw the dresser. After thinking about it all day and talking it out with Mr. Wonderful and my mom, I decided to drive all the way to Dover to look at it. We ended up in a sketchy trailer park with about 6 run-down trailers total. The house we needed to go in looked like a place full of treasures. There was junk on the portch and under the carport. Mr. Wonderful was neverous about going inside, but I was gung ho. I wanted to see more. Inside there were vintage things EVERYWHERE. I felt like I was walking through an antique store. Many things had been repurposed. There were trinkets all over. Nothing really went together but it worked. I would call their style eclectic with a lot of southern charm.

As soon as they showed me the dresser, I knew it was the one. It was even prettier in person and in excellent condition for its age. Check our some of the details

We took it home and set it up right away.
As I said before, our old TV stand was fine but look at what a statement this one makes. 

The drawers are perfect for holding DVDs 
Now all I need to do is convince Mr. Wonderful to let me drill holes in the back and keep the cable box, router, and ps3 in the top drawers , so it doesn't look like this.

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