Sunday, May 13, 2012

Race Season

I ran my first 5 mile race this weekend! I was proud of my 50:03 time even though I placed 62/86 in my age bracket. I had only ran 5 miles straight once before (which happened to be 5 days earlier) The beginning of the race was a little crazy. They close the roads at USF for Miles for Moffitt. It was 15 minutes to race time so Cassie and I just parked somewhere and hustled for what seemed like a mile to the start. We ended up being at the very back of the pack- running to catch up with the crowd. The race had started and we were still working our way to the starting line. I had trouble pacing myself at first, but once I found my rhythm I was fine. I think I can improve my time, my 5th mile was my fastest and I wasn't dying at the end. Dedee made it just in time to see me turn the corner and cross the finish line.
I've got to stop doing this. It happened 2 weekends before when I ran the Iron Girl in Clearwater. It was stormy all night long so Cassie decided not to run that morning. On that day, I just assumed it would start where it usuallly does-Pier 60 . Guess what? I assumed wrong. The start was across the bridge at Curtis Hixon Park. I was on time but in the wrong place! Once again they closed the roads for the race. Dedee was driving so I just hopped out somewhere. As soon as I shut the car door, I heard the announcer counting down from 30. I started booking it to the start line. I just jumped right in a pack and took off. I was pretty impressed with my time for this one too. I hadn't been running regularly and couldn't tell you the last time I ran 3 miles. Take this into account with not having anyone to run with, running against the wind the ENTIRE time and running up a huge bridge, my 31:22 time is not too shabby.
I couldn't find any of my friends in either race, so my goal next race is not to improve my time, but to arrive earlier so I'm not panicked at the start and I can catch up with some friends.