Monday, May 6, 2013

New kitchen table

Check out our new kitchen table !!!
We decided to use some of our wedding gift money to buy a new kitchen table. Our old table wasn't totally bad...just not my style. Too country for me! We bought it off the people who lived here before us. We needed a kitchen table and we couldn't beat the price they were offering. As time passed I found that I didn't like that is was sooo busy. I couldn't put any type of centerpiece because it was just too much. Even flowers from Dedee had to be put elsewhere. Here's the old table.
See what I mean. I wanted something simple that I could dress-up and change-up with place mats, runner and centerpieces. I'm so happy with what we decided on! I love the butcher block look. We don't have any chairs yet. Spending $80 for an ordinary kitchen chair wasn't in the budget, so I'll keep my eyes open for something. Until then, we'll eat dinner on the couch ;)

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