Sunday, May 19, 2013

Garage Sale Finds

I love garage sales! I'm all about a bargain and what better place to find one. I usually have good luck, even when I don't have something special in mind. The Westchase Community Garage Sale was this past Saturday.Community garage sales are the best, you're pretty much guaranteed to find something. Because Westchase is a ritzy neighborhood, you're more likely to find higher-end items. I found this to put on my piano for $15 (originally marked at $30). It was little more than I usually spend for something that small, but I liked it, it was in good condition and the colors matched the room.

I also found a palm tree picture (that isn't too cheesy) for the front bathroom.

My mom got a cabinet for her kitchen. It was originally a child's 
wardrobe, but you can't tell. Its has a light wood top and beadboard frontwhich is perfect for the feel of her kitchen. It looks like it was made to 
go with her kitchen table.

The week before, I got these chairs at a garage sale. Four for $15. That 
works out to be $3.75 a chair- a steal! Just want I've been searching for. Going to paint and reupholster them to go in my kitchen. More on that 
coming soon...

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