Wednesday, January 25, 2012


So this is our 3 bedroom; 2 bath, 1648 sqft home.
After looking for months at what seemed to be hundreds of houses, we found his beauty..but I wan't sold right away.

These are the things I loved:
  • the openness of the living area
  • the backyard- the deck, the view...and no neighbors!
  • the floors- wood laminate throughout except tile in the foyer and bathroom
  • the master bath- newly remodeled, spacious shower

But here are the things I wasn't too sure about:

  • the architectural design of the walls- there are cut-outs, indents, and angles everywhere (I'm more of a simple kind of girl)
  • smaller bedrooms
  • blue countertops in the kitchen
  • tennis courts visable from the backyard

In addition to being indecisive, I'm the kind of person that likes to shop around and know exactlly what's out there before making any type of decision; so needless to say, I had a lot of trouble commiting. I liked the house. It was one of the nicer ones that we'd seen, but I wanted my parents to see it and to get thier opinion. I also wanted to keep looking to see if there was anything better that I hadn't seen yet; but I couldn't do either. There were already multiple offers on the table and they were meeting that day at 3 o'clock to make a decision. If I wanted it, I had to make an

After looking at 2 more houses, we decided to go back to this one. The entire ride there was spent on the phone with my parents (who just happen to be having lunch together). I was getting their advice and explaining what the house was like and all the details. When we got there, everyone took pictures and sent them to my mom because she couldn't leave work to come see the house.

Meanwhile, my heart is going a million miles a minute and I can't sit still. This was a huge decision; probably the biggest one I've ever made. I had already fallen in love with a 1920's bungalwo in an ideal location, but couldn't afford the repairs that it needed. I also had my eye on another fixer-upper, but it was bank owned and they wanted way too much for the condition it was in. I wan't sure I was ready to take a chance and have my heart crushed again.

Finally, after a huge push from everyone (especially by my BFF Heather), I decided to go for it. We grabbed lunch and then met our realtor to finalize the offer. We sat down and worked some numbers finally decided on a bid of $152,000. We bid slightly higher than the $149,000 asking price because there were already 3 deals on the table and other houses in the area that were in worse condition had sold for around that price. I signed the papers and after that, all we could do was wait.

The next day (which turned out to be my 26th birthday) I got the phone call...

our bid was the best! THE HOUSE WAS OURS!

On September 9, 2011, I signed all of the papers and the house offically beceme our home.

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