Saturday, July 13, 2013

It's The Little Things

We finally finished up our thank you cards from the wedding. (I know they were late, but I figured better late than never.) Part of what took so long was we were waiting on the pics from the photographer. Then I had to add the words and order online because neither Walgreens or CVS offers in-store pick-up for cards.
In our house there is a rule, you may not open, use, or put away any gift until a thank you card has been written. This rule is in place because I hate writing thank you cards, and it insures they get done in a timely manner... usually. The daunting task of writing all those thank you's didn't take as long as expected. As with most things I dread, I found it's not so bad once you get started.

Mr. Wonderful couldn't wait to use his George Foreman. After all, he had been waiting almost 2 whole months. This was one of the 2 items on our registry he insisted on having. The other item was this HUGE shower head that Allie got us for my bridal shower. I think he installed it the same day that we got it.
We've had a mini George that got tons of use for years. That thing makes the best grilled cheese sandwiches, but it can only cook one piece of chicken or one burger at a time. It was time to upgrade. Mr. Wonderful was eager to cook dinner. He made chicken (The new George cooked 5 legs all at once!) and rice.

I couldn't wait to use our new silverware that we bought using our wedding gift cards. As soon as we got it home, I unwrapped all the individually packaged pieces and reorganized the silverware drawer so everything could fit neatly.
Isn't it so shinny! It's heavy too. We spent a quite a bit on the set, but we needed it. We've never had a complete set, much less a set that matched. This set is 18/10 stainless steel, so it's meant to last. I tell you, it's the littlest things that can make our day. Mr. Wonderful got to use his giant George, and I got new silverware- It was a good day in the Bowry house.
What is something little that makes your day?

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  1. That chicken looks yummy! The Thank You card before using it idea is great. That way you don't forget about something! I loved picking out our silverware, too. We also picked a pricey set, but it's something we use everyday and wanted something of quality. Something little that makes my day is my Cafe du Monde coffee in the morning. It's so different from regular coffee and I look forward to it every day :)