Friday, February 7, 2014

Pete's Pier

Another day with the manatee. (I promise we are not obsessed) We got a Living Social deal for Florida Eco-Adventures. I totally recommend them if you're in the area. We spent a day kayaking around Crystal River. There were manatee everywhere. 
Since manatee are protected, you aren't allowed to chase them or bother them in any way- volunteers are on site enforcing the rules. You are allowed to pet them with one hand if they approach you though, and guess what, when we were visiting manatee would swim right up to the kayak and want to be rubbed. We've to crystal river a few times before, but have never seen them this active. 
One particular guy wanted a belly rub. He would swim next to the kayak and then flip onto his back eagerly waiting for your touch. They felt different than I had expected. There skin was tough feeling but not at all slimy. I didn't know they had "fin-nails" either.
It was too cold for me to get in the spring water, but Mr. Wonderful and my dad snorkeled with the manatee. One of the younger ones was infactuated with their swim shorts. He'd come rub, smell, even nibble on them! Not sure if he was hungry or just curious. We had a great time at Crystal River. Can't wait to do it again!


  1. Oh my gosh they are so cute! I would love to pet a manatee haha. So many good shots here!

  2. Oh my goodness... I love the belly rub photo! You guys have been doing so many fun things lately :)